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The Fauns' first trip abroad, January 3, 2002

On January 3, the 110th anniversary of J.R.R. Tolkien's birth, we were invited to Bielawa by TolkFolk-organiser Elek Florczak to play an acoustic set in front of a crowd of Polish Tolkien maniacs who were to be shown the trailer for the "Fellowship of the Ring" movie afterwards, which at that time had not yet been released in Poland. We set out from Berlin in the early morning hours with warnings of snowstroms on the radio - parts of Poland had been declared desaster area. Indeed it grew so cold that the condensation of our breath froze on the inside of the car windows! However, we had a great time on the trip, the five of us (Stefan was on holidays on Hawai) plus Monika and Urs stuffed together in one car with all of our instruments - these in fact shielded off the heating just perfectly - but of course we developed such a warmth ourselves that it was hardly needed at all. On our arrival in Bielawa we were treated with lunch and lots of hot tea, and after the concert we went out to light 110 torches outside on a bank (which they called "hill"). We took our leave later that same night with the prospect of returning in June for a longer gig at TolkFolk IV.

The concert was special in several respects. It was the first ever performance of "Cuiviénen" - sung by Nils and with the flute introduction to part ii that later became common for acoustic versions of the song. Other songs never performed before included Tauriel, Why Can't We Just Be Friends ii (a short song written by Nils never properly recorded, and not played since then) and Lasselanta. Also, it was the first time we played without drums (except for a djembe which Paul and Nils would swap during the concert). There's a soundboard recording of quite good quality, though the performance itself was not perfect, due to hoarseness of Jan's part and some minor mistakes.

We would like to thank Elek and his translator and co-organiser Bartek for inviting us and making it all happen. Cheers!

On Misty Shores
The Sprig Within Her Hair
Why Can't We Just Be Friends

Falk during a break right after the Polish border

Paul and Jan in Bielawa

The band backstage

Lisa, Jan and Nils
photograph by Elek Florczak

Falk and his fretless bass
photograph by Elek Florczak

photograph by Elek Florczak

Count Falk

The band together with organiser Elek (left) and translator Bartek (right)