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Open Air Festival, Bielawa, Poland, June 29, 2002

After our first gig in Bielawa, Poland, on January 3rd on the occasion of Mokis' celebration of Tolkien's 110th birthday, we were all looking forward to playing there again at TolkFolk VI, a festival organised annually by Elek Florczac. We had been rehearsing exhaustingly with our new vocalist Stefanie (who unfortunately left shortly after...) and were ready to hit the road with some new songs and the rarely played classic 'Cuiviénen'. The weather was fine when we arrived at the festival in the early afternoon, and a lot of activities were already going on. We had lots of time to do our soundcheck, and everyone was really kind and ready to help. A big thank you to the crew! There were two more groups at the festival, Jacek Wanszewicz from Poland who also composes the soundtracks to the annual theatre presentation (this year: Shelop's Lair), and Giuseppe Festa's Lingalad, a wonderful Italian folk group, who did a really stunning performance at the festival. Listen to their album, it kills! I hope that everyone enjoyed our gig as much as we did; from my point of view there was nothing to complain about! We would like to thank all the people who made our stay in Bielawa as enjoyble as possible and especially Elek Florczac who professionally organised and managed the whole festival.

Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo!


Before the concert: Paul is tuning his guitar

Keyboard soundcheck?!

Stefanie and Nils

Raingod Stefan prays
for sunshine : )

The show

Nils on the drums - only seconds before the band starts with 'A Perfect Place'

The concert begins - the sun is still shining...

Jan, Stefanie and Paul

Falk and Paul

The Gathering of the Clouds...

Jacek Wanszewicz, composer of Tolkien-inspired soundtracks
photograph by Elek Florczak

Giuseppe Festa and his band
photograph by Elek Florczak

Giuseppe Festa
photograph by Elek Florczak

Some more impressions from TolkFolk IV...


Gandalf talking to a Gondorian woman

Shelop's Lair
photograph by Elek Florczak

Gollum wrestling with Sam
photograph by Elek Florczak

The Fauns Family - band, crew and Polish fans - before departure the day after