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TolkFolk VII
12 July 2005

Our third trip to Bielawa - this time, there were only four of us, Maja, Nils, Falk and Jan. We had decided to play another acoustic set - in fact, some of our earlier TolkFolk audience had told us they'd liked the January 2002 acoustic performance better than the full electric set we played later that year. Organiser Elek was great again, and main act Gandalf (the Austrian keyboard player who did an album with Steve Hackett back in the early 90ies) let us use his light gear so the gig promised to be enjoyable. Before we were due to play, however, it started pissing with rain, so while we were soundchecking the fans were sheltering beneath the stage. They asked us to play a couple of songs for them down there which was great - reminded us of our first ever concert where we had to stand in front of the stage because the curtain wouldn't open! One of the guys even taped the concert on mp3 - he later sent me the files, the first time I've known to have been bootlegged. The weather cleared up a bit later on so we could actually play to people in front of the stage, and after we'd finished there people were queueing to have their CDs signed and the local TV had sent cameras for an interview. We almost felt like rocks stars! (Sadly, we never got to see the footage).

This year's festival stood under the sign of a re-enactment of the Battle of the Five Armies from The Hobbit, as usual with soundtrack by Jacek Wanszewicz. There were guys from the Check Republic who took part in the play and who invited us to their own Tolkien Convention due to be held the following January. They even let us try their bows and arrows. (In spite of my complete inability to take aim I failed to kill anybody!) Unfortunately, the re-enactment had to start before Gandalf had advanced very far into his set, so there were very few people left in front of the stage which was tragic because he did a great job and the music was great. In the end, we, too, abandoned the concert to see the enactment which turned out pretty cool - we couldn't understand the narrator, but it looked stunning. We stayed the night in an old forester's house converted into a hotel and had a nice breakfast before starting on our journey back. So thanks again to Elek for inviting us, we're looking forward to playing TolkFolk again!

The Road Goes Ever On
As Her Autumnsong Called
The Sprig Within Her Hair

Dead Wintersleep

Soundcheck on a rainy day...
Maja und Jan
beim Souncheck
Falk und Nils
beim Souncheck
Das Konzert beginnt...
Nils und Falk
Eine imposante Lichtshow
aus der Ferne
Lieben oder hassen sie uns?
Maja ist in Bielawa so beliebt,
dass man Straßen nach ihr benennt!